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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Me on Twitter now!!

FahmiMohdYusof on Twitter now!!
But you also can find me by search fahmi yusof or FahmiMohdYusof on Twitter
Why I create twitter account? I just following the current trend of social networking. When most of peoples use twitter, I use the twitter too, when most of peoples not use friendster anymore, bubye to you too friendster..haha. But who are the "most people" that used Twitter? Its celebrities!! Why I need to follow those celebrities? Suka hati aku la nak follow sape..

Well actually, Twitter is not just about to tweets others about what thing you do on that time, but twitter also can be use as field of sharing knowledge and information among the others and maybe to gain profits by promote some of your business. 

So, please don't be hesitate to follow or tweet me OK! Just click myTwitter to view me on Twitter