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Friday, October 22, 2010

The Polarity

Polarity!! Its just like electrical polarity...there have negative and positive.. just like our life, sometime we're positive in life and sometime we're negative...not to our self, but to the others...but why?? because we're human being...simple answer for MY polarity!!

~just an intro from me~


slay said...

the polarity = polar bear

polar bear = you

conclusion : you are same species with polar bear. no wonder your size and weight exactly same with them. haha.

mnfahmie said...

polarity means a mirror for something...
like u n me...
I'm slim and u big (rude word = fatttt)

Hafizah said...

yelah2.. aku sedar je..
dan sama juga seperti..
aku cantek dan ko tak hensem..
itulah kenyataan..
diharapkan ko terima kenyataan.. hahaha

mnfahmie said...

hey hafizah, its a wrong description of polarity...its should be a vice versa of that example!! haha